Mike Francis, CEO and Co-Founder of NanoTech, Inc., is pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology on a mission to fireproof the state of California and reduce energy waste.

His product Nano Shield – the market-leading technology enabler for passive fire protection and insulation – gives him the means to attain such a lofty goal. Not only is Nano Shield a fireproofing and insulative coating, but it can also be used as a powdered additive to drywall, paints, plastics, and more.

Nanotechnology – the use of matter on a near-atomic scale – is transforming industrial practices. In a time of pervasive global demand, the technology is deemed to catalyze the next technological revolution, promising to reduce global energy consumption, solve significant health problems, and advance clean energy solutions.

In this discussion, host John Sviokla sits down with Mike to discuss the next frontier of nanotechnology and clean energy innovation. In addition, they unpack the power of corporate-startup partnerships and the most important lessons of entrepreneurship.

Topics include:

– How nanotechnology is revolutionizing industrial processes
– The next frontier of clean energy innovation
– Intelligent digital mesh and the future of digital business ecosystems
– Corporate-startup partnerships
– Important lessons of entrepreneurship