NanoTech Materials

NanoTech Materials, Inc. has revolutionized the science of heat control by integrating its novel Insulative Ceramic Particle™ into common building materials, coatings, and substrates to give them uncommon heat conservation, rejection, or containment properties. NanoTech products include heat-rejecting roof coatings for buildings , heat-containment fireproofing coatings to protect critical infrastructure from wildfires, and specialized ceramics to contain extreme heat in industrial applications.

What We Do

Heat Rejection

Advanced materials that excel in heat rejection, providing efficient thermal management solutions

Heat Conservation

Optimize heat conservation, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing thermal loss

Heat Containment

Ensuring maximum energy retention and efficiency in a range of applications

About Nanotech

NanoTech started in a garage in Houston, Texas in 2020, blending its first products in old homebrew beer tanks and packaging them in Home Depot buckets. The company grew rapidly and joined the Halliburton Labs Clean Energy Accelerator and the Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator. Supported by three venture capital firms, three corporate strategics, and seven family offices. NanoTech achieved ISO 9001 certification, ICC certified, and have completed Miami Dade Certification. Today, NanoTech can produce over 55 million square feet of material annually and continues to expand.



NanoTech Cool Roof Coat

NanoTech’s Cool Roof Coating represents a paradigm shift in roof technology, going beyond standard Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) metrics by incorporating cooling ceramic particles to significantly reduce heat transfer.


NanoTech Fireproof Coat

NanoTech’s Fireproof Coat sets a new standard in safety, offering protection up to 3272°F (1800°C) without VOCs or chemical reactions, all in a remarkably thin application, redefining fire safety in modern construction and buildings.


NanoTech Insulative Coat

NanoTech’s Insulative Coat is a game-changer in energy efficiency,  designed to keep heat out or retain it within systems, adapting to the most beneficial application for unparalleled thermal management across many applications

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NanoTech Materials


Our Mission

Our mission at NanoTech is to develop state-of-the-art thermal materials that minimize energy consumption and safeguard infrastructure with our fireproof coatings. We are committed to the principle that enhancing energy efficiency is not only a cost-effective strategy but also a vital step towards sustainability, benefiting both our customers and the planet.


Our Approach

Our approach at NanoTech is customer-first, focusing on engineering our technologies with the customer journey in mind. We tailor our advanced coatings, including thermal insulation, fireproofing, and cool roof solutions, to meet the specific needs and challenges of our clients, ensuring efficiency, safety, and comfort in every application.


What We Do

At NanoTech, we engineer cutting-edge coatings that deliver unparalleled thermal insulation, fireproofing, and energy-efficient cool roof solutions. Utilizing an breakthrough Insulative Ceramic Particle (ICP)™, our coatings are designed to protect structures from heat and fire, while significantly reducing cooling costs and enhancing the comfort and safety of interior spaces

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What a night to remember! 🥂
A heartfelt thank you to all who joined us in commemorating NanoTech's transition to our new home. We're incredibly grateful for your love and support, and we couldn't have done it without you.

#HoustonExpansion #RibbonCuttingSuccess ...#ScaleCity

What a night to remember! 🥂A heartfelt thank you to all who joined us in commemorating NanoTech's transition to our new home. We're incredibly grateful for all the love and support.

A special shoutout to the dedicated members of the NanoTech team whose tireless efforts behind... the scenes made this milestone possible!

And thank you, Houston. We love you!

#NanoTechMove #HoustonExpansion #RibbonCuttingSuccess #ScaleCity

Thank you @HOUBizJournal for spotlighting our latest milestone!📷

From humble beginnings to our new manufacturing facility, we're thrilled to be making waves in the Houston startup scene.

Read the full article here:
#HoustonInnovation #StartupSuccess

Thank you Houston Business Journal for spotlighting our latest milestone!🎉

From humble beginnings to our new manufacturing facility, we're thrilled to be making waves in the Houston startup scene.

Read the full article here:

#HoustonInnovation #StartupSuccess 🚀

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Halliburton Labs-backed NanoTech Materials opens headquarters, manufacturing plant - Houston Business Journal

From beer tanks to a big facility: This is the first Halliburton Labs-incubated company to spin out its own manufacturing footprint and headquarters...


🌟 Nanotech Materials, Inc. recently moved into a new 42,000-plus-square-foot facility in the Houston area.
#roofingsupplies #roofing #sustainability #coolroofs #NanoTechMaterials #Expansion
🔗 https://t.co/y3s8PRcyti

ICYMI: We've moved! Thank you to @HalliburtonLabs for giving us our first tailwind and to @PartnersCRE for representing us during this expansion.

We are excited for this next chapter of growth!


The news is out – we’re officially moved! 📣

Thank you to Partners and their team for representing us during this expansion. We couldn't have done it without their expert advice!

Thank you to Halliburton Labs for believing in us from the get-go and giving us our first ...tailwind! Their many years of assistance and invaluable insights played a pivotal role in accelerating the development of our technology.

Read more about our new facility here:

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NanoTech Materials, Inc. Expands Texas Operations to Meet Increased Demand for Energy-Efficient Building Materials

According to the Department of Energy, increasing energy costs and escalating climate change concerns require material science solutions that perform


Ribbon Cutting at 6:30pm; celebrations until 9!

This event is a heartfelt thank you to the city of Houston and its incredible community for its unwavering support, an essential part of our journey to scale. So, come raise a glass to innovation and growth!

📍 21401 Park Row Dr.,... Katy, Texas 77449

You can't miss us. 👀

#RibbonCutting #Expansion #Houston #NanoTechMaterials #HTX