NanoTech Insulative Coat is a groundbreaking advancement in protective heat-control coatings. The product delivers superior emissivity and energy efficiency through the integration of NanoTech Insulative Ceramic Particle (ICP)™ technology into a highly robust base matrix. With its unusually low thermal conductivity, NanoTech Insulative Coat delivers powerful insulative properties for environments in which precise thermal control is essential, setting a new standard in high-performance, energy-efficient insulation materials.

How It Works

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NanoTech Insulative Coating was applied to a pressure filled cap with extreme temperatures, previously reliant on multiple inches of thermal blankets and a metal jacket for temperature control. The object, once dependent on this bulky and extensive insulation system, was coated with 2.5mm of NanoTech Insulative Coat. The internal temperature remained steady at 330°F, while the external temperature was recorded at only 103°F after 24 hours—a significant achievement considering the thickness of the coating. This stark differential demonstrates the superior insulative properties NanoTech ICP provides and marks a departure from cumbersome conventional insulation methods. This example underscores the material reduction, cost savings, and enhanced safety NanoTech delivers in high-temperature settings.


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Energy Conservation Applications

NanoTech Insulative Coat was applied to a boiler system with remarkable results, demonstrating the effectiveness of the NanoTech insulative technology in energy conservation.


  • The boiler in a multifamily housing setting was experiencing high energy consumption and elevated heating cycles, commonly referred to as ‘boiler strikes’

Application of NanoTech’s Insulative Coat:

  • The exterior of the boiler is coated with a thin yet highly effective layer of NanoTech Insulative Coat, providing highly effective thermal regulation.


  • Post-application data revealed a significant reduction in boiler strikes, dropping by 40,000 instances annually. The reduction in boiler strikes produces a substantial decrease in energy use and building operating cost for the apartment complex.


  • NanoTech Insulative Coat proved its dual capability to retain heat when necessary to reduce boiler cycling, and in resisting external heat, making it a power energy conservation tool for a wide variet of settings and applications.

Use Case: Better Beer

NanoTech Insulative Coat proved to be a game-changer for a brewery’s glycol-cooled beer tanks whose traditional insulation methods were falling short. The existing four-inch thick spray foam insulation had degraded due to moisture, causing excessive ice buildup. NanoTech Insulative Coat offered not only improved system cooling but also delivered a more appealing look.


OPEX Savings:

The insulative coating also resulted in a noticeable reduction in glycol usage, leading to lower operating costs, improved energy efficiency, and reducing the brewery’s environmental footprint.


Moisture Resistance:

Unlike the spray foam, NanoTech Insulative Coat is impervious to moisture, preventing the degradation that plagues legacy insulation materials.


Thickness Reduction:

With a coat of only 2mm (5/64″) in thickness, NanoTech Insulative Coat replaced the more than 100mm (4″) bulk of spray foam, reducing material load and delivering more durable insulation with better aesthetics.


Icing Mitigation:

Post application, the incidence of icing on the tanks was significantly reduced, streamlining maintenance and preserving the integrity and life of the cooling tanks.